Dear guest,

If you are traveling from Cancun to the U.S.A., we would like to inform you that, for new bookings made as of May 6th, 2021, with traveling dates as of July 1st, 2021, and onwards, COVID antigen tests are available on-site at a preferential rate of $24 USD (taxes included) per test*.

For all reservations made before May 6th, 2021, staying minimum 3 nights in any room category, COVID antigen tests will be available at no additional cost.

We want each guest experience to safe and irresistibly sensual. At Desire Resorts, seduction never ends!

*Subject to change without prior notice.


Here is more important information you might want to know:

  • What happens if a guest tests positive? 

In the event of a positive test, guests have our full support. After receiving confirmation of a positive result, guests may spend the 14-day period required in a specially designated room at a special rate of $125 USD per person, per night.

  • What happens if a guest tests positive and the partner tests negative?

As a preventive measure, all room occupants need to comply with the quarantine period whenever there is a positive result, even if the other guest tests negative.

  • What services and amenities are provided to guests in the specially designated rooms?

Guests are provided with everything they could possibly need, such as food and beverages, linens, cleaning products, etc. All items are left by the room’s door; please note that, due to safety measures, staff members are not allowed to interact with guests in the specially designated rooms.

For more details, please visit our official website. Seduction never ends at Desire Resorts!

Subject to changes without prior notice.

Safety protocols for healthy seduction…

We take your health and wellbeing very seriously. Thus, to ensure you and your partner a seductive, healthy Desire Experience, we have been working on our new Seductive & Sanitized safety protocol, which includes the following actions to protect your health during your stay:


  • Guests will be motivated to keep social distancing in all common areas, including lobby, restaurants, bars, and pools.
  • Temperature taking using infrared sensors.
  • We have changed our buffets for à la carte menus.


  • Continuous and effective disinfection of in room surfaces and air conditioners.
  • Constant disinfection of high contact areas every 30 minutes.
  • Detailed disinfection of luggage at the time of arrival.


  • Virtual point of sale system and digital menus at restaurants and bars.


  • Protection equipment is available under request (optional use).
  • Anti-bacterial gel stations in all areas throughout the resort.
  • Our Germ Patrol will be offering anti-bacterial gel to guests on a regular basis.
  • 24-hour medical service.

While we are taking all the necessary measures, and following the recommendations stipulated by the authorities, you can be assured that we will be maintaining the essence of the Desire concept that makes us original. We are ready to show you how Seductive & Sanitized work perfectly together.

Additionally, we have implemented the following actions with/by our staff:

  • Continuous training about preventative measures and disinfection processes for rooms and common areas.
  • The use of face masks and personal protection equipment is mandatory.
  • Guaranteed use of correct handwashing techniques.
  • Regular taking of temperature.


We have also reinforced all health and sanitation certifications, including Mexico’s Distinctive H.

Distinctive “H”

The “Distinctive H” is an annual recognition granted by the Secretary of Tourism, endorsed by the Secretary of Health, to food and beverage service providers that meet the standards designed by this program.


Cristal International Standards


Cristal is a renowned standards management firm that oversees systems and services for brand quality. In the hospitality industry, they ensure quality consistency across operations.
Every hotel that is granted the RoomCheck certification by Cristal guarantees complete room safety. To grant this certification, Cristal measures the cleanliness of key surfaces, ensuring that cleaning standards are maintained. These housekeeping protocols are extended to bedding, dusting, swap testing of surfaces, room environment, bathroom disinfection standards. In addition to these measures, Cristal provides staff training, guaranteeing maximum protection for guests.
Food handling covers many areas of risk in terms of hygiene. Cristal’s FoodCheck hospitality certification ensures that food handling complies with an extensive list of health requirements on each step of the process, from the moment food is received and storage at the property to the moment it is prepared and served to the guest.


Safe Travels

The Safe Travels stamp comprises a series of standardized protocols that set the basis for the ‘new normal’, ensuring the health and safety of travelers. This stamp allows travelers to recognize companies around the world which have adopted these global hygiene standards, so they can enjoy Safe Travels.

“We have spent the last month undertaking preparations and consulting with local and international organizations to make sure our enhanced safety measures are up to the highest standards. We look forward to welcoming back guests and are confident that we will all adapt to our ‘new normal’ with minimal disruptions to the Desire Experience.”


Rodrigo De la Peña
Original Group


We look forward to welcoming you back to the Caribbean’s most erotic, couples-only resorts. Enjoy a pleasurable and healthy stay.